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Jaquar launches its latest campaign with high-value bathroom and lighting products that minimize germ-causing contact while optimizing hygiene and sustainability in a post-Covid world.

Jaquar World in Dubai

In a post-pandemic world, the idea of touch has been turned on its head. We are now conscious of not touching surfaces or objects in our daily lives, unless it’s absolutely necessary, and that too with the right precautions. Identifying this as a concern that’s here to stay, The Jaquar Group has introduced its latest campaign entitled ‘Sensor and Sensibility’, aimed at encouraging a contactless, sustainable, and more functional interface for both bathroom and lighting. Highlighting the smart usage and functionality of the bathware, sanitaryware and lighting solutions that now takes place in a contactless manner both at home and in public places, the product range uses Jaquar’s proficient sensory intelligence technology and customization of existing products to eliminate hand contact.

The campaign launch includes a new TVC that introduces a three-fold resolution, enhancing the touch-free and safer hygiene experience – sensor, pressmatic and retrofit portfolio. Here to tell us more about the products, is Sandeep Shukla, Head Marketing and Communication – Global Operations, Jaquar Group, with 23 years of experience in innovating marketing strategies, and an eloquent public speaker.

Sandeep Shukla, Head Marketing and Communication – Global Operations, Jaquar Group

Why is it so important – in the current pandemic situation – to have contactless faucets and soap dispensers – not only for public areas but also for the home?

During the pandemic one of the most important, universally accepted, lesson we have learnt is the need for good and safe hand hygiene. Frequent and thorough hand washing is one of the best ways we can act to stop the spread of the virus. To that end, a clean washroom is essential. The need for ensuring regularly accessed public spaces that are safe and clean during this pandemic is vital.

Jaquar Aquisense Sensor Faucet for Wash Basin

Our smart bathroom products reduce the amount of surface contact; a crucial element in the way we operate today. Our sensor and pressmatic technology products are touch-free and/or ensure minimum touch, offering people in busy public places such as malls, hotels, airports, and hospitals safer access to bathrooms and places where they can hygienically wash their hands.

The benefits of a smart bathroom product go beyond sensor-driven technology. The system not only helps in increasing the hygiene levels, but it also saves water.

Can you please tell us how the contactless faucets, dryers, and soap gel dispensers work – in terms of technology?

Among our contactless faucets there are two types which cater to either the ‘sensor’ or ‘sensibility’ ranges, as per their styles of function and technology. The retrofit and new-age pressmatic faucets (Pillar tap, Bib tap and foot-operated valve with plug) from the ‘Sensibility’ range are made of simple components that are easy to install and operate, requiring no-palm contact with them as they are elbow/foot operated. They have a hydromechanical operation system and help conserve 39 percent water by automatically shutting-off after 6-8 seconds of use. These faucets can be conveniently installed in all ranges of taps for a smooth, germ- and hands-free experience. Our contactless sensor faucets (Aquisense Sensor Faucets and Sensotronic Sensor Faucets) are operated by a microwave motion sensor. They guarantee high longevity, optimum flow and temperature, and have an advanced water-saving regulator. With an automatic shut-off the sensor faucets allow water to flow only when you need it and shuts off as soon as you move your hands away, resulting in zero wastage of water. These are especially recommended and useful in high traffic areas like restaurants, clubs, hotels, colleges, hospitals, and airports. So 59 percent of water can be saved by these sensor taps in comparison to regular faucets (hand wash at 1 Bar pressure).

TOUCH FREE SOLUTIONS by Jaquar (sensor faucet)

Another smart technology product with manifold advantages is the Jaquar BISPA which can be remote controlled and offers variable features including adjustable seat and water flow temperature, an air dryer and deodorizer.

Among the range of soap dispensers, the Jaquar Automatic Soap Dispenser is very easy to use and efficient. It is sensor-operated and suitable for disinfectant solutions, liquid soaps and hydroalcoholic gel. The product comes with an LED that flashes when the batteries need to be replaced and, a lock and key. This soap dispenser has an ABS body with an aluminium cover.

Our hand dryers are designed with the intent of detecting hands from both sides, facilitating automatic hand detection while blowing air from both the side vents. They are easier to operate and help dry wet hands faster while conserving energy. Hence, the hand dryers are extremely suitable for high-footfall zones such as hotels/restaurants, airports, and hospital bathrooms owing to their convenience and efficiency.

Jaquar Sensotronic Sensor faucet SNR-CHR-51033

Is this the first time that Jaquar has integrated this kind of ‘Sensor’ technology in its products?

Some trends and smart bathroom products have been underway since before the pandemic. However, we notice that there has been an acceleration on that front – people would now like to navigate everything on a personal level where the engagement between themselves and appliances would be via apps or through technology that minimizes controls through physical touch between man and machine.

We have ensured the creation and incorporation of a technologically advanced range that not only promotes touch-free or germ-kill functionalities but also paves the way for the reduction of energy and water consumption. The changing landscape has already made people more concerned with the present and the future over touch-free appliances that are functional yet sustainable. For example, Jaquar‘s Sensor Faucets come with technology allowing water to flow only when you need it and shuts off as soon as you move your hands away, resulting in zero wastage of water. The touch-less technology of these sensor taps uses 59 percent less water than regular taps.

For public bathrooms in places such as restaurants, clubs and hotels, Jaquar recommends the installation of Pressmatic Faucets, these taps discharge a fixed quantity of water flow with every touch.

Under the new introduction of faucets in the ‘Sensibility’ range, we have now introduced the retrofit pressmatic (elbow/foot operated) washroom ranges that offer a no-hand contact solution with products such as the Pillar Tap, Bib Tap, foot-operated valve which can be easily installed in all existing range of taps for a smooth, germ and hands-free experience.

Given the context of minimal surface contact, especially in public areas such as offices, educational institutions, or hospitals etc, sensor-based smart lighting solutions such as the Pride Smart, Strella Smart, Smart Pole, and more offer dynamic support. These smart lighting products use microwave sensors which perform better than PIR sensors against thin walls and glass partitions.

What are these products best aimed for – what kind of buildings and homes?

Our Smart bathroom products reduce the amount of surface contact, which is the need of the hour. The sensor and pressmatic technology products which are touch-free and/or ensure minimum touch offer safe and hygienic access to bathrooms and hand-wash areas in high footfall public zones.

Keeping in mind the safety and hygiene of those with multiple family members who are staying home, especially with the elderly and children, these smart products can also be easily installed at home while even helping save water and energy.

Who would be your typical client for these?

The Jaquar brand under the Group umbrella caters to the premium segment. Jaquar’s wide range of products combine beautifully designed aesthetics with the highest build quality to ensure that they can withstand tough Indian usage conditions. However, the bathroom and lighting products under the ‘Sensor & Sensibility’ range caters to more than just our premium segment clients as the objective of introducing this range was to offer smart usage and functionality of the bathware, sanitaryware and lighting solutions in a contactless manner for both homes and public places.

The Indian consumer is demanding and discerning. They know the best brands in the world and have a good understanding of quality and design. They want the best brands that the world has to offer. We have also found some unique aspects and design trends followed by customers in the Indian market. The Indian consumer values quality and durability. They admire a pretty finish but also want the products to be durable and offer value for money. There is an interesting blend for contemporary design as well as traditional classic design.

We work with the best developers and hotel chains of India and are very well-connected with numerous architects across the Indian subcontinent and abroad. As undisputed market leaders the Jaquar Group has a presence in over 45 countries across Europe, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, Africa, and the SAARC region. With a pan-India wide network for trusted and efficient delivery and dedicated customer service, the backbone of any post sales service, we have cultivated an extremely strong structure and relationship with architects from across the world who are among our brand advocates, helping install our products at various key architectural projects including hotels.

In the spotlight for bringing Indian manufacturing to the forefront on a global scale since the launch of its first Jaquar World in Singapore, the Jaquar Group has pioneered the immersive approach to its retail spaces globally through their company owned showroom – Jaquar World. The idea behind the interactive space of Jaquar World demonstrates the possibilities and features from their contemporary bathroom products and solutions. Employing a human connect between design and functionality, the concept of the Jaquar World is designed for the perfect experiential blend between art and shopping for customers. It offers a unique, complete bathroom solutions showroom where customers could walk in, conceptualize their own bathroom concept and seek professional inputs in design. Jaquar World is present across international cities such as Moscow, London, Milan, Dubai, Kuala Lumpur and more.

Jaquar Lighting KRIZA smart bulb

And about the bulbs and the lights – are these part of your regular range – how do the lights with the sensors work – do you have to clap to turn them on and off?

Our motion sensor-operated smart lighting products from our brand Jaquar Lighting are also a part of our regular range. We have had various lighting products that are sensor-operated since before the pandemic due to advantageous attributes such as their feasibility and high energy conservation. With the onset of the pandemic it became imperative to drive awareness around social distancing and, the need for safer, zero-contact, sustainable and environment-friendly products suitable for daily and mass usage.

Smart lighting products such as the Kriza (battery-operated) and Vivid (WiFi and Bluetooth operated) smart bulbs are also covered under the ‘sensibility’ range for the numerous merits they showcase.

Jaquar Lighting Strella Smart

The Jaquar Lighting sensor products offer a unique touch-free, motion sensor-based and energy saving lighting solutions for homes, offices and industries that help customers live their new normal with more safety and without added stress. These products are using microwave sensors which perform well as opposed to PIR sensors that cannot do so against thin walls and glass partitions and do not offer the longevity of microwave sensors. Microwave sensors can still be functioning correctly after 100,000 hours. These fittings have been designed in the way that it is only ‘on’ upon detecting motion and automatically shut-off as per the adjustable timers when there is no movement. These smart lighting products such as the Pride Smart, Strella Smart, Smart Pole and more offer a higher microwave sensor coverage range and a more stable performance while also operating in temperatures as low as -20°C and as high as 45°C.

Jaquar electronic bidet

Are these also best used in the home – is it good for example, for elderly people so they don’t have to get up?

The Sensor & Sensibility range of bath, sanitaryware and lighting products are universally supportive and user-friendly for all ages and locations.

In addition to the merits and functionality of the sensor faucets, dryers, smart lights, and others in the range is one other sanitaryware product that is most helpful for the elderly – the Jaquar Bidspa Prime. A fully automatic single piece WC with a PP Seat cover, it is a remote control, electronically operated water closet with dual wash function for the front and rear and has a warm air dryer post wash. The WC offers adjustable seat and water flow temperature, adjustable (need based) nozzle positioning and oscillation for complete cleaning. The Bidspa Prime also has an anti-bacterial seat and wash nozzles, auto flush, deodorizer, night light, a multi-functional knob (for washing, massage, flushing and drying), a smart safety alarm and the option of washing and flushing even if there is no power (electricity). This is the ultimate WC experience for all.

Jaquar World Milan

And what is the extra benefit of them being sustainable – how does that work?

Most aspects of our lives are being revisited from a health, safety and hygiene perspective. This has raised the scope of interest in fixtures and technology that minimizes touch. From the type of bath fittings to the light fixtures they not only lay emphasis on the design but also functionality and sustainability.

Jaquar’s pressmatic and sensor faucets technology allows only a fixed quantity of water to flow with every user interaction. This mechanism not only prevents water wastage during each use but also provides ease of operation. These products are installed at high footfall areas including malls, hospital, commercial institutions to conserve more resources. The use of sensor faucets saves 59 percent water and the use of pressmatic faucets saves 39 percent of water in comparison to regular faucets (data can be taken for hand wash at 1 Bar pressure).

All smart lighting products in the ‘Sensor and Sensibility’ range are user-friendly, adjustable through timers and high on energy conservation.

Lastly, 'Go Green' has been a long-standing philosophy embraced by the Jaquar Group as a tenet of its design and production systems. Adhering to global quality certification, Jaquar Group’s manufacturing setup is a zero-waste plant recycling 5,00,000 litres of water every day and 4,221 Metric tonnes of brass every year. Its facilities also generate 6.23 MW of solar energy. Any remaining water from the above systems are treated further such that the Jaquar manufacturing units remain Zero Liquid Discharge Units.


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